Professional translations

Finding the right words is crucial for a correct and professional translation, because a good translation does not only require a verbatim transfer from one language into another but must include the finer nuances ‘between the lines’.

For this reason, written translations make other demands on the respective service provider than interpreting. This applies particularly in the case of international treaties, contracts and agreements. I therefore cooperate closely with native speakers who have the appropriate qualifications in order to guarantee a perfect translation of your text.

I can offer you translation from German into English and vice versa. Qualified and experienced colleagues will be available for translations from and into other languages. If you need translations from languages other than English and German I can arrange the translation services for you or put you in touch with an appropriate colleague.

Individual translations
with profound expertise

Translations are charged according to standard lines. A standard line has 55 keystrokes, including spaces. The price of the translation is dependent on the text volume as well as the degree of difficulty.

For this reason, it is impossible to provide a precise standard price. I shall, of course, be pleased to send you an individual quotation based on the text submitted by you and the agreed deadline.

Other services


Simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, chuchotage (whispering) at your conference.

Conference Equipment

Organisation of the necessary technical equipment securing the successful interpreting at your event.

Please feel free to contact me

Do you have further questions regarding possible translations? You are interested in an individual quotation for a translation? Please do not hesitate to send me a message – I will gladly answer all your enquiries.