Adequate conference equipment

What kind of technical equipment will be needed? Which company is the perfect provider of interpreting and audio equipment?

You can rely on my expertise, I shall advise you on the right equipment as well as the best possible provider. If desired, I advise you on and order the technical equipment needed and also organise teams of highly qualified interpreters for all the languages spoken at your conference.

Highly sophisticated equipment is needed for simultaneous translation. For this type of interpretation, booths are used where the interpreters are completely isolated from any noise in the conference hall. The audience can listen to the simultaneous translation through headsets.

Conference equipment for your event

Tour guide systems are used for chuchotage (whispering). They do not need any extra space and are ideal for mobile use, e.g. factory tours.

Consecutive interpretation does not require any technical equipment. Using this technique the interpreter memorises the spoken word and reproduces it afterwards.

Other services


Simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, chuchotage (whispering) at your conference.


Professional translations that strike the right tone – into all necessary languages for your conference.

Please feel free to contact me

Do you have further questions regarding the required conference equipment for interpreting? You are interested in an individual quotation for the technical infrastructure at your event? Please do not hesitate to send me a message – I will gladly answer all your enquiries.