The art of interpreting

There are three different types of interpreting:

  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Chuchotage (whispering)

The appropriate type of interpretation for an international event depends on the size of the conference and various other factors such as technical conditions, venue and length of the meeting.

Seek advice and consulting from an experienced professional.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting means that the presentation or speech is translated into the other language(s) parallel to the speaker giving his speech. The advantage of this type of interpreting is that you can translate into as many languages in parallel as you wish, and there is only a minute time delay.
Simultaneous interpreting requires technical equipment such as an interpreter’s booth, headsets, etc.

Consecutive interpretation

At smaller business meetings or press conferences, clients often opt for consecutive interpreting. The interpreter waits until the speaker has finished his or her contribution and then translates into the other language.

This procedure, of course, requires twice as much time as simultaneous interpreting. Consecutive interpreting is not suitable for multi-lingual meetings and longer speeches.

Chuchotage (whispering)

Chuchotage means that the interpreter translates simultaneously but works in the same room as the speaker and the audience.

By means of a tour-guide system up to 20 persons can listen to the translation. Without such a system, chuchotage can be provided only for up to 2 or 3 persons sitting next to the interpreter.

Chuchotage is suitable as an alternative to simultaneous interpretation only if the framework conditions, such as room space and time, are very restricted or for factory tours when interpretation is required at different locations.

Interpreting is a highly individual service

Payment for interpreting services is calculated on the basis of a daily fee. Travel and hotel expenses are added, if applicable. In addition, I can offer the following services:

  • Organising teams of qualified and experienced interpreters
  • Obtaining the right conference equipment
  • Translation of conference documentation such as invitations, handouts, folders, etc.

I shall be pleased to send you an individual quotation.

Other services


Translations into all necessary languages for your conference – professional and striking the right tone.

Conference Equipment

Organisation of the required technical equipment securing smooth interpreting at your event.

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